All you need to know about our tank cleaning service.

Have you ever looked in your tank? Does it look dark in there? Or can you see the bottom of the tank through clear, clean water? If you cannot see the bottom, it may be time to consider getting your tank cleaned.

We offer a high-impact cleaning, this will remove any unwanted chemicals or nasties that have made their way into your tank. We do require the tank to be just about empty because when we are finished the tank will be completely empty, dry and clean, ready for a fresh load of drinking water to be delivered. If you would like further information, please call and speak to one of our friendly staff members and receive a free quote today!

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Freqently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The exact amount of time between cleaning depends on a couple of factors such as the original source of water stored in it, the tank’s location and proximity to trees, as well as the condition of the tank in terms of its age, and design/method of construction. However, the typical time between tank cleaning is 2-3 years. Although ideally, the tank should be inspected by a suitably experienced person every 6 months to monitor its condition.

In general tank cleaning should be a preventative maintenance task, rather than something that is undertaken when water quality is visibly degraded at an outlet for example.

The exact amount of time needed varies based on the size of the tank, the time since it’s last clean, as well as the material that the tank is made of. We will provide you with a time estimate prior to undertaking the work, but a typical residential tank will take a minimum of 2 hours to be cleaned.

For the vast majority of tank cleaning jobs, we are able to complete the cleaning process without anyone being present. In some situations, such as first-time customers, we may have a preference for a person to be home just upon our arrival to help familiarise us with their water arrangements.

We will discuss this with you when providing an estimate. However, yes, upon the tank being cleaned we can refill it with fresh water to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately no, we do not clean galvanized tanks.

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